Central Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 2011, the Zentralschweizer Jugendsinfonieorchester ZJSO is the first inter-cantonal platform for young and motivated orchestra musicians in Central Switzerland. To them, the ZJSO offers an opportunity to play symphonic music on a regular base within a group of talented people of the same age, to work together with accomplished professional musicians and to discover new artistic spheres. Its repertoire reaches from Beethoven to contemporary swiss composers like David Jegerlehner, from symphonic pieces by Antonin Dvorak to arrangements of popular music.All that makes the ZJSO more than just another youth orchester. A new access to classical music is created by combining unique productions, innovative music selection and a juvenile perspective. The ZJSO cares about a culture where young musicians take responsibility and are included into the process of creating a project. The ZJSO hosts several community activities outside of rehersing and concerting.In this spirit, the ZJSO actively promotes youth culture and talents, connects young artits and ignites new enthusiasm for classical music with the people involved as well as the public. To accomplish this, the ZJSO is supported by professional musicians on a voluntary base. Since its foundation, the ZJSO has grown rapidely. It is now happily reporting about 200 active members between 15 and 26 years of age and more than 6.000 viewers in total. It was involved in the production of a CD by a well known swiss hip-hop musician, has won a second price at a national competition, has played at the Lucerne Festival and in the KKL Lucerne and has created unforgettable memories when it comes to novel and innovative creations of both music and culture. More information: www.zjso.ch

Joseph Sieber conductor

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