“A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly "pointless" act for a very brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression”.

We like to propose “musical flash mobs” since these events are easy, fun, and a fast way in giving popularity to the orchestra and to the upcoming concert. The aim of the experience is to provoke interest and awareness concerning music making, youth and related issues. Nowadays a flash mob is a quite well known way to attract attention on public or social issues. In our festival it could be both a way to state the importance of youth orchestras and to do something fun together before the concert. These performances could take place at Piazza della Signoria in Florence, at the Uffizi court and at the Piazza Santa Croce, in Piazza della Repubblica, in Piazza Pitti and other important venues in the late morning or in the afternoon. We accept the participation of all the orchestra's members or only few musicians that would like to join the “musical flash mob”.

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